Arti Patel Varanasi, PhD, MPH, CPH, President & CEO  Founder, President and CEO, Dr. Arti Patel Varanasi, has over 25 years combined experience in cancer research, public health, advocacy, capacity building and project management. She maintains closes ties to the public health, medical, technology and research communities.

Dr. Varanasi holds a PhD in Pathology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master's in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University. She is a graduate of the National Science Foundation funded Achieving the Commercialization of Technology in Ventures through Applied Training for Entrepreneurs (ACTiVATE
) Program for women technology entrepreneurs. her wide and varied experience includes co-founding and leading three different advocacy organizations that have grown into sustainable entities.

Dr. Varanasi is passionate about developing innovations that empower and impact and is fully committed to Advancing Synergy and its mission. Together with Advancing Synergy's strategic partners, including health care professionals and technology experts, she works to build and grow the management team and scientific and business advisory boards.