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Our Story

At Advancing Synergy, we bring together expertise in research, science, health care, public health, and information technology to advance our mission of developing innovations that empower individual and impact communities to achieve health equity and improve long-term health outcomes.

Advancing Synergy’s work is rooted in eliminating health disparities to achieve health equity and justice. We have worked with global organizations to provide thought leadership and strategic support for diverse initiatives. Our diverse experience spanning scientific and business foundations enables us to understand the mindset and perspective of our partners and clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their business and end user needs to deliver effective solutions on time with lasting impact.

In parallel, we continue to focus our efforts on developing appropriate, cost-efficient technologies to optimize resources and deliver the right information for cancer prevention and care to patients at the right time at their point of need℠. Despite advances in cancer care, certain populations continue to bear an unequal burden of illness. We aim to ensure that all individuals faced with a family history or diagnoses of cancer receive the right information at the right time to optimize treatment and improve overall health outcomes.

What is
important for us

To develop innovations that empower individuals and impact communities to achieve health equity and improve long-term health outcomes.

Our Approach

We tailor our approach to program needs and build on industry standard best practices to offer maximum impact and flexibility for our partners and clients to achieve optimal outcomes and maximum success. Our technical depth and breadth, and practical, proven experience is respected among our clients.

Our Solution

Advancing Synergy leverages its subject matter expertise and existing tools and technologies to offer a holistic approach to project management and strategic support. Advancing Synergy's achieves its mission by supporting initiatives that impact individuals and empower communities to achieve better health by optimizing often limited resources.

Advancing Synergy's solutions help to address health disparities that continue to persist despite advances in care and treatment and are developed in collaboration with community-based leaders and research teams.

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