Advancing Synergy, LLC is positioned to provide cost-efficient health technology-based solutions to communities with limited resources for improving public health, health care and research. Incorporated in the State of Maryland in November 2009, Advancing Synergy is a minority and women-owned company.

Advancing Synergy’s mission is to develop innovations that empower individuals and impact communities to reduce health disparities and achieve better health. Resource constrained areas from inner cities to remote villages often fail to realize the benefits of advancements in health informatics.  

Advancing Synergy combines existing information technology tools with customized applications through a sustainable, scalable and interoperable approach to leverage limited resources and address an emerging niche in the telehealth market related to the cancer diagnosis, treatment and care continuum that has received inadequate attention to date. Advancing Synergy’s products help to address health disparities that continue to persist despite advances in care and treatment through evidence-based solutions developed in collaboration with community-based leaders and research teams.