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Advancing Synergy’s mission is to develop innovations that empower individuals and impact communities to reduce health disparities and achieve better health. Resource constrained areas from inner cities to remote villages often fail to realize the benefits of advancements in health informatics.
At Advancing Synergy, we bring together expertise in science, health care, public health, and information technology to advance our mission. Our current focus is on developing appropriate, cost-efficient technologies to optimize resources and deliver the right information for cancer prevention and care to patients at the right time at their point of need℠.


The Advancing Synergy team believes in engaging all stakeholders, especially the end-users, throughout technology development to ensure that the resulting technology will be useful to and accepted by the target audience.

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Advancing Synergy works in collaboration with community-based leaders and research teams to develop and implement evidence-based solutions that combine existing information technology tools with customized applications to leverage limited resources.


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March 21, 2018

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May 9, 2014

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